Psychometric Assessments - Getting the right people

Getting, keeping and developing people is one of the biggest challenges any business will face with the pool of talent within most sectors looking increasing shallow.

To compound the ongoing shortage of talent outside of the organisation, if someone is going to leave, it is likely to take place in the first three months of employment; therefore it is even more important to get the right people in the first place.

We realise that most businesses spend a huge amount of time, effort and money recruiting the right people to fill their vacancies but potential succession planning and structure changes for the future need to be considered as well.

To guarantee any recruitment is as effective as possible, we help organisations get the ‘best fit’ possible with their new candidates to ensure the right person is recruited to, and stays, in the right business. To achieve this we use various Psychometric and Assessment tools including Personality, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning. These assessments can be carried out as part of the overall recruitment process, or used in-house as part of a development centre process.

  • We are accredited to British Psychology Society Level A & B.
  • Accredited SHL Psychometric users
  • Accredited SHL Assessment users
  • Accredited MBTI users

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